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JFK - We choose to go to the Moon, full length

So I have been on a big speech kick lately. Listening to the greatest speeches of all time and all that. It struck me how words can be crafted with such beauty, power, and purpose. They’re beautiful, and more powerful than we can ever imagine. Of all the speeches I watched, of all the orators I listened to, President Obama, Charlie Chaplin, President Clinton, etc. JFK was the most captivating to me. He has such poise, such class, and such confidence. He has quickly made an influence on my life, quickly become my idol. I realize not many people want to watch a 17 minute speech, but if you have the time, watch it. It is an incredible speech made by an incredible president full of idealistic goals. He is also an incredibly funny man, which helps.

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Just remember, every time you judge someone for dressing up at school they can do the same thing to you, and I guarantee your image is worse